Productivity is the key to Maersk’s growth. Railroads please take notice

Jul 9, 2015 A.P.

Moeller-Maersk A/S freight volumes will probably increase by as much as 10 percent in the East African region this year, helped by accelerating economic growth and improved efficiency at major ports.

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A few highlights

Maersk reports as many as 24 berth moves per hour at the Mombasa container terminal, which has potential to double with on-going investment and productivity gains… Productivity in the private terminal at Dar es Salaam has improved to 33 berth moves per hour.

Maersk container shipping moved 380,000 20-foot equivalent units in the region last year, — about 35 percent of the total market.


Using HUB Ports, about 65% of Maersk freight in East Africa goes through Mombasa, while Dar es Salaam handles the bulk of the remaining 35%.

Hub ports with dense inland transport connectivity to markets is a key business model.  Not all ports can be hubs.

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