Can UBER service replace some commuter rail/transit efficiently?

The most popular growing urban transportation people mover service is the taxi alternative called Uber.
Currently operating in over 70 cities in 35 countries, you can simply select your ride by using their mobile app. Uber works like a taxi service — but you pay ahead of time.  Money changes hands only between passenger and driver.  There is little to no capital cost to tax payers and no operating subsidies.
Drivers are entrepreneurs and own their own vehicles.
Uber does a background check on the drivers.  Uber offers an insurance plan.  Uber has created all with out government help (and often government resistance) the grand network in which the drivers do business.  Controversial? — Yes.
But growing like crazy with no subsidy.
Can it replace transit services?  We do not know yet.  A small transit customized uber bus service might play just that role.  How?  By eliminating the bus stop & the  train station “walk to and wait” hassle because it can run pretty much door to door..

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